Corporate Intellectual Property Rights

According to the following agreement, the Client accepts that all information, content and other intellectual property on the Website remain the property of Homework Experts. The Client may not attempt to create an analogous Website or use any of the intellectual property by altering documentations and software.
The Client agrees that he or she will not expose information obtained from our Company, as we own all information presented on this Website. All of our Client’s personal information is considered private, and will not be shared with any third party under any circumstance. This agreement between the Company and the Client is a confirmation of this fact.
The Client remains responsible for his or her personal account on No one is allowed to use an account on our Website besides the Client.
From the moment a Client visits the Website and reads the information provided or uses our services, the agreement between our Company and the Client is considered valid, and all Terms and Conditions along with all policies should be respected and followed.
If any regulation from these Terms and Conditions is conceived unenforceable or inactive because of any court order or decree, that regulation will be petitioned with permission from the law. These Terms and Conditions should remain easy and comprehensible for Clients and users of the Website.

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